Written and Illustrated by Crux © 2015

UPDATE 2021-11-17



2 of 15 pages are colored. Please do not expect any updates until AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday.

(2021-10-31 Update:)

All 15 pages are inked. Digital coloring has started. Next chapter's script is complete. Thumbnailing stage will begin shortly.

(2021-10-17 Update:)

13 of 15 pages are inked. 14th page is in process of being inked.

(2021-10-09 Update:)

12 of 15 pages are inked. 13th page is in process of being inked.

(2021-10-04 Update:)

11 of 15 pages are inked. 12th page is in process of being inked.

(2021-09-25 Update:)

10 of 15 pages are inked.

(2021-09-19 Update:)

My apologies for the late update. 9 of 15 pages are inked. A panel needed to be re-inked.

(2021-09-11 Update:)

8 of 15 pages are inked. Scripting for the next chapter has progressed to 8 of 11 pages.

(2021-09-05 Update:)

7 of 15 pages are inked. Updates will be made every Saturday night, now.

(2021-09-02 Update:)

6 of 15 pages are inked. Another update will be available between Saturday night (09-04) and Sunday evening (09-05).

(2021-08-25 Update:)

4 of 15 pages are inked. Scripting for next chapter has started.

(2021-08-15 Update:)

15th page has been sketched and corrected. Mechanical details and sketch phase is complete. Inking has started.

(2021-08-11 Update:)

Red line stage of all 14 pages is implemented. Background details have been sketched in. Mechanical details for 8 pages remain. 15th page sketch stage has started.

(2021-08-04 Update:)

Red line stage of all 14 pages is complete. Implementation of redlined corrections and additional details has started. Additional 15th page has a completed thumbnail, photo reference is being gathered.

(2021-07-28 Update:)

Blue line sketch phase is complete. Started making corrections. Additional 15th page is in production and will be completed beside the corrections.

(2021-07-21 Update:)

Page 14 of 14 (a 2 page spread) has begun blue line sketching. Contemplating adding a 15th page (a single image/panel for the whole page, to not add any major additional work).

(2021-07-14 Update:)

Page 12 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. Making preparations for corrections and details stage.

(2021-07-08 Update:)

Page 10 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. New art supplies acquired to expedite correction stage and inking stage.

(2021-06-30 Update:)

Page 9 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. Following pages will hopefully be quicker to complete.

(2021-06-23 Update:)

Page 8 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching.

(2021-06-16 Update:)

Page 6 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. New printer has arrived and is going to be installed and tested. New equipment for sketching and inking has been purchased.

(2021-06-09 Update:)

Page 5 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. A new printer has been acquired and will assist with hastening production.

(2021-06-02 Update:)

Page 4 of 14 has begun blue-line sketching. Expecting to catch up this weekend. Will post another update next wednesday.

(2021-05-29 Update:)

3 of 14 pages have been blue-line sketched. I am now fully vaccinated. Due to other personal obligations, There has been a slight slowdown this week. Another update will be available on Wednesday.

(2021-05-21 Update:)

All thumbnails have been transferred to full size bristol paper sheets. Blue-line sketching stage has begun. Pages 2 of 14 is complete.

(2021-05-12 Update:)

Pages 1-10 have been transferred to bristol paper sheets. 4 pages remain. After transfer, blue-line sketching stage begins.

(2021-05-07 Update:)

Thumbnails printed out, beginning transfer process to full 11x17 inch bristol paper sheets. Pages 1-4 are transferred and ready for blue-line sketching. New webcam acquired and set up for streaming as I work.

(2021-04-28 Update:)

Thumbnail sketches are completed. Corrections are completed. Tightening up process is completed. Will get the thumbnails ready for printing this weekend and begin blue-line sketching next week.

(2021-04-21 Update:)

Thumbnail compiling complete. Corrections notated and in the process of being corrected. Minor details to be tightened up. Completion date of thumbnail sketches is still set for 2021-04-25. Afterwords, final sketching process will begin.

Small note: I'm glad that I took that extra week. It has done wonders for my mental health to not stress so much about my own personal project.

(2021-04-14 Update:)

Compiling process is still in progress. Will need another week. Completion date is now set for 2021-04-25; this includes time for corrections. Might complete sooner than that date.

(2021-04-07 Update:)

Photo reference for all pages is complete. Thumbnail compiling process has started. Intended completion date is 2021-04-17. Will announce if any corrections are needed and if any delays may occur.

(2021-03-31 Update:)

3D model corrections made.

Photo reference acquired for pages 67-73. Gathering of photo reference for pages 74-80 has started, with a goal of completion by 2021-04-02. Thumbnail compiling process will begin shortly after, with an intended starting date of 2021-04-05, and intended ending date of 2021-04-17, or earlier.

(2021-03-22 Update:)

3D model camera angles for pages 67-80 prepared. - Ahead of schedule.

Corrections to 3D sets identified. Goal for completion of corrections by 2021-03-26.

Camera tripod for photo-reference, acquired. Photo reference gathering, started. Goal for photo refrence gathering for pages 67-73 completion by 2021-03-26. Goal for photo reference gathering for pages 74-80 completion by 2021-04-02.

(2021-03-14 Update:)

Work schedule written up.

3D model camera angles for pages 67-70 prepared. Goal for 3D model camera angles of pages 71-75 set for completion by 2021-03-19.

Camera tripod for photo-reference purchased.

(2021-03-10 Update:)

Hello everyone,

The update today will be brief.

There were some unexpected setbacks in February, mostly due to a winter storm, as well as the arrival of some new computer equipment. After the storm had passed, and all technical issues were resolved, things had gotten back on track.

From this point on, I'll begin to provide weekly status updates, starting March 14th.

At this point in the next chapter's production, I'll begin screen-capturing images from the 3D models, taking photo-reference for character poses, and begin compiling them into the established thumbnail compositions. Once those are completed, I'll get them printed out and start sketching over them.

Also, I wanted to inform everyone that I will no longer be accepting donations over Patreon. I want to thank everyone for your donations over the past few years. I will try to prepare a gift that I can give to everyone, or, at least, list all of my supporters in a post on the website. The decision to cease acceptance of donations in support of this comic is something that I've taken a great deal of time to consider, but I feel like the comic is now at a point that it no longer requires help. Should that change, and donations are needed again, I'll make an announcement. For now, this Patreon page will merely become another avenue for everyone to recieve updates.

(2021-02-01 Update:)

Hello everyone,

I have some good news!

A good portion of the last month was spent tightening up details in major location models, as well modelling props, mostly for the dorm room and library sets. At this point, there are only a few prop models left to be constructed, copied and positioned into the library and dorm sets, and then I can compile them into the thumbnails, take photo-reference, and redraw character poses in the thumbnails. After all of that, I can begin sketching the pages up proper (which will then lead to inking, coloring, etc.)

Models should be all complete within a couple of weeks at most!

Dorm Room set Dorm Room set
Dorm Room set Library set - (Front) clerk desks
Modelled props Modelled props (focus on dewey decimal catalog drawers)
Modelled props (office furniture, for library clerks)

The following props were modelled for the comic:

3 different kinds of lamps, lava lamp, 4 different kinds of tables, 3 different kinds of filing cabinets, 2 different kinds of shelves, drawers, 2 different kinds of cabinets, a mini-fridge, 2 different kinds of waste-baskets, computer monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, a dewey decimal catalogue drawer, a pen holder, flatscreen TV, aluminum can, glass bottle, door handles, peephole, 2 different kinds of whiteboards, billboard signs repurposed into posters, a bullitin board, a couch-side table.

Once all models are complete and I begin compiling them into the thumbnails, I'll provide another update. Updates will continue to be on a monthly basis, or once another stage of development begins. Once the thumbnails are redone and sketching of the pages proper begins, updates will be posted weekly.

(2021-01-01 Update:)

Hello everyone,

First, happy new year!

I wanted to provide an update about the development progress for the comic. The first pass of thumbnails is complete, has been reviewed, and edited to account for initial feedback. (To avoid spoiling much, I'm only posting a single panel here, without dialogue.)

Panel from a page thumbnail.

Presently, some 3D models are still being prepared. There are 4 new locations, with 1/4 of them having complete models at this time. This includes a school hallway, a full dorm dwelling, the campus library, and a mansion (exterior). These had to be planned out and sketched up, as well as modelled, and a good deal of research was done to make sure their architecture met certain guidelines and remains consistent. Additionally, these models are being made with the intent to be used repeatedly in future chapters. Even if an entire location doesn't need to be complete, a good deal of groundwork is being set so that less work is needed in the future.

Hallway (test).
Library, 1st floor.
Dorm Dwelling.
Mansion Exterior.

Additionally, concept art has been sketched up for a fictional sport within the setting, as well as a product called a Buddy-Pack (a title coined by Bellum Aster), which is meant to carry smaller individuals.

Sport gear concept.
Sport gear (Jammer) concept.
Sport gear (Jammer Bike) concept.
Buddy Pack concept sketches.
Buddy Pack variants general body-type test sketches.

In short, a lot of work is still being done for this upcoming chapter, and, once it's complete, all that'll be needed is taking photo reference, compositing the gathered reference with captured images of the 3D backgrounds, and then redoing the thumbnails to have better detail.

After that, the sketching process can begin, then inking, and then gray-scale coloring. It's important to remember that I want to complete ALL of the pages for this chapter first. You've noticed how long this chapter has taken in preparation alone, so I want to finish all of it, then post it on a regular basis, that way I have a backlog prepared. With that backlog, I can keep a steady stream of posts flowing while simultaneously working on the content that comes after this upcoming chapter.

I understand that this is quite a wait, hence why I've provided this update. I want you all to see the work I'm putting into this, to know that I still care, and to know that I am thankful for your understanding and patience.

I will continue to keep you updated, and will try to provide monthy updates as production moves along.

(2020-10-12 Update:)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide a quick update since it's been a while. This comic is still in production. In fact, the first round of thumbnails for the next chapter have been completed and are in the process of being edited to have better compositions and text space. Once that is complete, photo reference will be gathered and 3D models for certain backgrounds will be prepared.

I will also be making some changes to older pages soon. Due to a lot of personal events, certain elements will need to be edited. Also, I'm no longer accepting applications for cameo characters. I've already collected quite a lot of applicants, and I'm very thankful. The survey link will be removed by next week from all webpages.

Additionally, I've taken a close look at the budget, and I've concluded that a new printer-scanner machine can be afforded. The current one is no longer supported by the manufacturer, so getting an up to date model would be ideal and help speed up production of the comic, as well as other personal art related projects.

Unfortunately, due to someone leaking content from my patreon out onto other websites, I will not be posting the Photoshop files, or high-definition versions of posted pages on my Patreon. I don't want to take the risk of someone printing and selling my art without my permission.

I am also in need of some personal time due to the difficult events of the year, but I will continue to work diligently on this comic, and may stream as I do so.

I'm intending to have work for the next chapter completed and ready for posting by late December of this year, or early January of next year. I'll be sure to post an update here as a specific date becomes more clear. If any issues arise, I will also post an update here. In particular, I'd like to have a backlog ready before I begin posting. If possible, I'd like to have the whole chapter completed before I post the next page. That way, I can work on the next chapter while just posting the new pages, and keep a good flow going.

Thank you all for your patience. I know the wait will be long, but please take the time to tend to your own goals. I can't wait to provide more content to you, and I want to make sure it's ready for presentation!

UPDATE 2020-01-01